Have You at Least Translated Your Recipes to Spanish?

Have You at Least Translated Your Recipes to Spanish?

Hispanics are known to have a passion and a love for food, family celebrations, and festivities, and they also are leading the way in utilizing new technology and are heavy users of digital and social media. That is why it is imperative that your brand translates its recipes to Spanish.

In a recent survey, more than 50% of surveyed U.S. Hispanic shoppers said they used technology for grocery shopping. They also are more likely than the general U.S. population to use digital channels for pre-shopping planning, such as shopping lists and recipes. Therefore, it is vital your brand has recipes in their native tongue and cultural taste.

Like many niche areas of translation, it is crucial that recipes are translated by people with a working knowledge, background, and expertise of the cuisine and the culture of the target country. Knowing another language is not enough.

Food and Nutrition Translations has the nutrition and food expertise to ensure ingredients and cooking directions are clearly explained and understood. Because of our experience and background, we offer recommendations on how best to adapt your content, if needed, to ensure your target market will understand appropriately. Let us translate your health and nutrition messages to assure that they are scientifically accurate, grammatically correct, and appropriate for Hispanic consumers.

Join the many other successful brands that are growing their business by marketing effectively to the Hispanic consumer! Call us today. We look forward to preparing a proposal to translate your brand’s recipes!

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