Are You Advertising to Hispanics, Specifically Latinas?

Are You Advertising to Hispanics, Specifically Latinas?

As the Hispanic population in the United States continues to soar, more and more brands are taking notice and investing to capture the attention of the Latino market. However, many brands still are not taking advantage of this influential market share. More Latinas are making big and small decisions for their households. Food and Nutrition Translations can help you leverage your brand with Hispanics, specifically Latinas.

Here are four food trends with Latinas:

  • Brand names matter to Latinas. Name brands are preferred over private labels.
  • Latinas are moving beyond traditional choices. Latinas are purchasing organics, Greek yogurts, and convenience items.
  • Latinas tend to prepare meals daily. Family meals are still very important to their households.
  • Nearly 30% of Latina families eat out at least once per week.

Here’s How Food and Nutrition Translations Can Help
Being Latinas ourselves, we can speak their language to start forming a bond and relationship. This is the key to loyalty and brand preference. And as bilingual dietitians, we can translate your health and nutrition message so Latinas understand why your brand is unique and superior. We can translate any of your printed materials or Web content, serve as your spokesperson, or even produce YouTube videos.

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Choose Food and Nutrition Translations to translate your message and leverage your brand. We are unique, in that we are all bilingual dietitians who specialize in translating food, health, and nutrition messages. We provide Spanish translations and media talent, but also offer translations in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Creole!

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