Does Your Marketing Content Speak Your Consumers’ Language?

Does Your Marketing Content Speak Your Consumers’ Language?

If your marketing content only communicates in one language, English, then your business or brand is at risk of driving consumers to your competitors or other prospects. According to Nataly Kelly, vice president of marketing at Smartling:

“Translation and localization provide marketers with a cost-effective way to yield even greater ROI from the content they have already paid to develop in English. Study after study shows that consumers are significantly more likely to engage with and make purchases from companies that deliver content in their preferred language.” can help your marketing content speak in your consumer’s language by:

  • Providing localized translations or content: We can help tailor your marketing campaign to the Hispanic culture and customs you are targeting. For example, Miami is a blend of Spanish-speaking Cubans, Colombians, and Venezuelans, while Los Angeles has a predominantly Mexican culture. In New York, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans make up a large percentage of the Hispanic population. We can help customize your content.

  • Connecting with them via Spanish videos: One of the most effective ways to market to Hispanics is digitally. This population uses smartphones and social networking sites at similar or sometimes higher rates than other groups of Americans. Let us connect with them via 1-minute nutrition videos in Spanish, educating, sharing, promoting, explaining, and/or discussing your brand, its nutritional benefits, or how it fits with their culture, customs, and typical diet. You can then post the videos on your social-networking page or your brand’s website.

Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, so it is only logical that brands and agencies are continually working to find the most effective ways to market to them.

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Let us help your brand speak your consumers’ language! Differentiate yourself in 2015 by reaching Hispanic population, which is said to have a purchasing power of 1.3 trillion in 2015!

Choose to translate your message and help you leverage your brand with Hispanics or other cultures. We are unique, in that we are all bilingual dietitians who specialize in translating food, health, and nutrition messages. We provide Spanish translations and media talent, but also offer translations in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Creole!

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