5 Reasons to Have Dietitians Translate Your Food and Nutrition Message

5 Reasons to Have Dietitians Translate
Your Food and Nutrition Message

1. We are the experts in the field of nutrition, health, and wellness.
Our bilingual dietitians have knowledge and experience in all areas of nutrition, health, and dietetics, including clinical, retail, corporate, consulting, education, and food service. We know how to translate the science of nutrition and, most importantly, at a level that consumers in the target language will understand. Our background and expertise provide a unique and specialized food-and-nutrition approach to help your brand reach consumers in their language more effectively.

2. We offer human translation, NOT automated translations.
Human translation is the best and only way to translate your message accurately to ensure that it is culturally sensitive. Best translated practices keep the end consumer in mind, instead of just translating the text, word for word.

3. We know your audience.
We are immersed in the culture and community that we serve. We live, breathe, and understand cultural trends, traditions, and customs. With this in mind, we can help align your marketing goals to strategically reach the consumers of your target language.

4. We consider the whole package.
There is more to translating than just translating the text. Any translation agency can translate your message, but we are the experts in translating food, health, and nutrition communications accurately and effectively.

5. We keep an open mind and think outside of the box.
We will work with you to ensure your message is not lost in translation! We will offer recommendations to ensure that your message is marketed effectively, accurately, and soundly to consumers in the target language.

We look forward to helping you reach many different and new markets!