Q: What languages do you translate?

A: FoodandNutritionTranslations.com specializes in translating materials from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. As a standard practice, we translate into a neutral Spanish, which allows understanding throughout various countries. However, we also offer Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Creole, English-India and Thai. translations.

Q: What types of materials do you translate?

A: We translate food, health, medical, and nutrition materials, including:

  • Content for Web sites
  • Medical information
  • Health articles
  • General nutrition information
  • Recipes
  • Restaurant and food service pieces
  • Dietary manuals
  • Diet instruction booklets
  • Wellness handouts
  • Nutrition-related books
  • Branded advertorials
  • YouTube closed captioning
  • Social media comments (Facebook, Twitter,and LinkedIn)
  • And much, much more
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Q: Can’t I use a software program for my translations?

A: Using a software program to translate your materials will not translate your information accurately. For example, translating “stick to a diet that is low in fat would translate as “pegarse a una dieta baja in grasa. This is completely inaccurate, because the word “stick was translated literally. Hispanics would not understand this message, nor would they accept, trust, or follow this information.

FoodandNutritionTranslations.com provides accurate and appropriate messages, assuring that they are grammatically correct and culturally sensitive for Hispanic consumers.

Q: Why choose FoodandNutritionTranslations.com?

A: All translation companies translate messages, but we are the experts in food, health, and nutrition communications. We have experience in all areas of dietetics, including clinical, retail, corporate, consulting, education, and food service. We know how to translate the science of nutrition and, most importantly, at a level your target population will understand.

Q: How much do your translation services cost?

A: Prices vary, depending on the subject matter, technicality, timetable, and amount of work. Additional charges apply to specialty subjects, rush jobs, and ad/marketing materials that require more than just a word-for-word translation. Discounts are available for multiple, ongoing, and large jobs. FoodandNutritionTranslations.com is a specialized service featuring experienced bilingual dietitians. And you can count on accuracy in our work and high-quality service!

Q: Do you translate materials using software products?

A: No, we do not use software, because these programs are not accurate. Translating is an art, just like writing is an art. We do not want your message to get “lost in translation. We want to assure you that your health and nutrition projects are translated accurately, are grammatically correct, and are appropriate for Hispanic consumers.

Q: Why should we consider translating our content to Spanish?

A: Why not! By keeping your content and advertising efforts just in English, you are not reaching hundreds of millions of new potential and loyal customers. The Hispanic market keeps growing—do not ignore its size and spending power. In addition, throughout the world, Spanish is one of the top three languages in demand on the Internet, and Latin America is expected to become the next Internet hot spot!