Add Spanish Subtitles to Your YouTube Videos

Add Spanish Subtitles to Your YouTube Videos

As you know, the world is going mobile, and this year, videos and video e-mail top the prediction lists for marketing must-dos in 2013. Did you know that Hispanics are using social media more frequently than any other ethnic group? In the United States, Hispanics are on social media sites tweeting, re-tweeting, posting, liking, and uploading videos on the Internet more than any other ethnic group.

For that reason, we have added two new services to help your brand reach more Hispanics and many other consumers in their own language!

Add subtitles to your current YouTube videos Food and Nutrition Translations can add subtitles in Spanish or in six other languages—Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, or Portuguese. The process is simple. We use your current YouTube video, add subtitles, and then sync it with the English version. Your brand can now reach millions more!

Let us represent your brand We can serve as your brand ambassador or spokesperson, representing your brand in other languages. We can use your English script, translate the script to the language of your choice, and then create a video from start to finish. We will connect immediately to your target consumer, because we speak the language of their heart. Your brand is now building relationships with other cultures, which will then lead to brand loyalty and preference.

Reach different and new markets These two new services are easy ways to expand your reach to many different and new markets. It is in your best interest to start engaging the largest growing population in the United States. The Hispanic market has a purchasing power that is expected to grow to $1.5 trillion in the United States in the next 2 years!

Let us transform your YouTube channel today!