Translation Mishaps

Translation Mishaps

Translation is an art, not a science, and sadly, some translation issues can cause the death of your product, service, reputation, and in extreme cases, your customers.

Here are some examples of translation mishaps to avoid:
  • Machine translation: Although machine translation has improved, it still is not suitable for some languages, cultures, subjects, marketing materials, and medical content.
  • Inaccurate translations: Inaccurate translations, especially in medical translations, can result in serious problems for your patients or customers, in addition to financial and liability issues for your company.
  • Literal translations: Word-for-word translations often are poor translations. High-quality translations keep cultural insights and marketing terminology in mind, as well as technically specific medical terminology.

Translating your Web site, marketing materials, and recipes to Spanish helps you start to reach the growing number of Hispanics. In a YouGov survey, it was revealed that 22% of Hispanics would have interest in a brand if it had a Spanish-language site available, but because they do not, these brands lose out to wiser brands that understand the changing dynamics concerning language and culture within the United States.

When your brand wants to expand its marketing efforts by translating your Web site, marketing, and educational material, let us help you! As bilingual dietitians and experts in food, health, and nutrition communications, we can translate your message to reach Hispanic consumers in their own language. We specialize in English to Spanish translations, but we also offer translations in seven other languages—Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Creole, and Russian.

We can make recommendations on how to best communicate your health and nutrition message. Our translation service assures that your health and nutrition materials are scientifically accurate, grammatically correct, and culturally appropriate for the Hispanic consumer.

Join the many other successful brands that are growing their business by marketing effectively to the Hispanic consumer! Call us today.

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