Hispanic Shoppers Spend More At the Grocery Store

Hispanic Shoppers Spend More At the Grocery Store

Food and Nutrition Translations, LLC was started back in 2012! We are now going on our sixth year and our mission still remains the same. We want to help food manufacturers grow their brand by translating their nutrition message to reach more consumers in their language they know and love. We are a niche translation agency, as we are all bilingual dietitians, and are passionate about food, nutrition, science, and culture. 

We continue to grow and expand our services! We now offer high quality, fast-motion, 30-45 second video recipes so you can post and share on your brand’s social media pages and website to share with your loyal consumers!

Hispanic Shoppers Spend More At the Grocery Store

Hispanic shoppers make more trips to the grocery store, spend more, and enjoy the shopping experience with their whole family! Therefore, it is important to market your brand to the entire family when trying to reach this demographic.

In addition, Hispanic children influence many of the purchasing decisions, especially in cereals, snacks and candy categories.

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