Multicultural Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2013

Multicultural Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2013

America is a land of many cultures, so it is important to stay up to date on marketing trends for different cultures. You must include multicultural marketing as part of your plan or it could prove detrimental to your business.

One cultural group that is changing the marketing world is Hispanics. With education and entrepreneurship on the >rise, they have become an undeniable force in the world of marketing.

Here are some trends to watch for in 2013:
  • While advertisers have, historically, heavily targeted 18—24 year olds, the Hispanic “checkbox” is gaining more attention, as advertisers turn their attention to this group.
  • Hispanics have a higher tendency toward brand loyalty, yet advertisers have not seized the opportunity to make their brand the one they simply cannot live without.
  • Marketers will see an increased demand for Spanish language content and campaigns.

Asians are another cultural group on the rise. With parts of Asia becoming business capitals of the world, it is important to understand this group and market to them.

Here are some trends to watch for in 2013:
  • Health care and pharmaceutical marketing programs will deepen and embrace new disease categories, including cardiovascular, oncology, mental health, and others.
  • Asian marketers will increase their online presence. can serve as a valuable resource as you target Hispanics, Asians, and many other cultures. We are unique, in that we are all registered dietitians immersed in the culture and community we speak.

We look forward to helping you reach many different and new markets!
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