Hispanic Millennial: Why Should You Try to Reach Them?

Hispanics: A Grocery Shopping Powerhouse

With the Hispanic population of 57 million expected to double by 2050, brands and retailers are now starting to recognize the value of this immense population and the impact on their bottom line. What is YOUR brand doing to engage and try to capture this market?

Take a look at the statistics below:
  • Hispanics spend more at the groceries than other cultures and shoppers
  • Hispanics enjoy the grocery store as a social experience, rather than a chore
  • Hispanics make mealtime a priority, so they buy more groceries and prepare more meals at home
  • Hispanics are more digitally engaged and use technology while grocery shopping
With this in mind, FoodandNutritionTranslations.com can help your brand engage and connect with this market by:
  • Partnering with your brand to translate your digital space, ensuring that your brand has bilingual content for your recipes, coupons, and information appropriate to the Hispanic culture
  • Creating recipe videos in both Spanish and English, so Hispanics can connect immediately with your brand and incorporate your products in their family meals
  • Marketing your brand on social media platforms, because Hispanics are very connected with all the social media platforms
  • Offering suggestions on how best to market your brand in this marketplace
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Choose FoodandNutritionTranslations.com to translate your message and help leverage your brand with Hispanics and other cultures. We are unique, in that we are all bilingual dietitians who specialize in translating food, health, and nutrition messages. In addition, we are all immersed in the culture of our mother tongue language. We provide Spanish translations and media talent, but also offer translations in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French, Arabic Russian and Creole

Source: Hispanic shopper spending highest in three years; optimistic about personal economies. Business Wire website. Hispanic Shopper Spending Highest Years Optimistic Published June 10, 2015. Accessed June 25, 2015.