Translate Your Brand’s App ASAP

Translate Your Brand’s App ASAP

Did you know that Hispanics are the most engaged demographic with their mobile devices? Hispanics are connecting online, adding more than 1 million users per year. This is why you may want to consider translating your brand’s app ASAP.

Here are some interesting data that may persuade you to start considering translating your app ASAP:

  • Hispanics are 28% more likely to own a smartphone than non-Hispanics
  • In a recent poll, nearly one out of four (22%) of Hispanics indicated that they would have more interest in learning about a brand and its offerings if that brand offered an app in Spanish
  • By translating your brand’s apps, your brand will create a more profound and engaging experience that builds brand loyalty

The online market is continuing to grow, so act ASAP to connect with this demographic. Hispanics are sophisticated consumers who are very loyal in almost every brand category. The key is reaching them in their own language and showing them the relevancy of your product. Their spending power is on track to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015.

Food and Nutrition Translations can help you leverage your brand with Hispanics or other cultures. We can help translate your health message and your brand’s app ASAP.

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Choose Food and Nutrition Translations to translate your message and add leverage to your brand. We are unique, in that we are all bilingual dietitians who specialize in translating food, health, and nutrition messages. We provide Spanish translations and media talent, but also offer translations in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, and Creole!

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