Do you want to strike gold with the Latino consumer?

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Do you want to strike gold with the Latino consumer?

ADWEEK reports that many brands are striking “gold” when they target the Hispanic audience effectively!

Hispanics are sophisticated consumers who are very loyal in almost every brand category. The key is reaching out to them in their own language and showing them the relevancy of your product. The United States Census Bureau projected the economic clout of Hispanics in the United States at more than $1 trillion in this year alone.

If your brand wants to expand its marketing efforts with this population, let us help you! As bilingual dietitians and experts in food, health, and nutrition communications, we can translate your message to reach Latino consumers in their own language. We specialize in English to Spanish translations, but we also offer Portuguese and Russian translations.

We can help connect your brand to the Latino population, while making a positive impact. We live, breathe, and understand Latino trends, traditions, and customs. We can make recommendations on how to best communicate your health and nutrition message. Our translation service assures that your health and nutrition materials are scientifically accurate, grammatically correct, and appropriate for the Latino consumer.

While TV and radio are effective means in reaching Latino consumers, many companies are having great success reaching Latinos utilizing digital and social media. Whether you need a nutrition expert to serve as your media spokesperson or you need your YouTube videos and social media posts translated, we can help. We have extensive experience in the media industry.

Join one of the many successful brands growing their business by marketing effectively to the Latino consumer! Call us today.


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