Video Recipe Services:


Video recipes are a MUST-HAVE for your brand. Did you know that nearly half of all adults watch food videos on YouTube and Facebook? In addition, short, fast speed videos are shared more than any other types of videos.

We can bring your existing recipes to life! These hands-only, fast speed, 30-60 second videos are highly effective and in high demand. We create and produce video recipes from start to finish to help grow your video recipe library. You can then feature on retailer websites, share on your social media page(s), include in e-blast communications, and feature on your brand’s website.

Document Translation Services

As dietitians, we will translate your health and nutrition documents and materials to assure that they are scientifically accurate, grammatically correct, and culturally sensitive. We understand Hispanic consumers and can translate the science of nutrition into their language and level of understanding.

One of the core services offered by Foodand and Nutrition Translations is document translation. We can translate all types of documentation, including medical records, marketing brochures, technical manuals, educational materials, Web site content, recipes, advertisements, pharmaceutical materials, health magazine articles, and nutrition research papers.

Web Site Translation

Your Web site can serve as your most valuable marketing tool! Did you know that more than 50% of all Internet traffic is from non-English-speaking countries? It is critical for your brand to have an effective communication strategy to reach Hispanics and Latin Americans. As dietitians, we will ensure that your Web site is translated accurately, while remaining culturally sensitive.

Media Talent and Translation


The translation of media content, literature, and marketing materials requires expertise and knowledge in the media industry. Whether you need press releases, news articles, or a bilingual dietitian to represent your brand, we understand the media. We have experience in working with top media organizations and understand the need for fast and accurate media translations.

We can translate media-related documents, such as food, health and nutrition books, press releases, press kits, brochures, marketing materials, corporate communications, YouTube closed captioning, and television and radio reports.

Do you need a bilingual dietitian to represent your brand on YouTube, radio, or television, or at expos? Look no further! We can provide you with a bilingual dietitian to promote your health message.

Third Party Proofing and Editing


We often hear the following comments when it comes to translating marketing materials or messages to Spanish:

  • “We have someone in our office who speaks Spanish that can translate our material.”
  • “We used a software program to translate the material.”
  • “My relative can translate it.”

Translating is an art, just like writing is an art. In addition, just because someone speaks Spanish does not necessarily mean they can translate your message accurately and appropriately.

We are happy to proof and/or edit your finished translated product to ensure your message is accurately translated and culturally sensitive. It is vital for your company to effectively reach the Hispanic consumer with a perfectly translated message. Do not take the risk of publishing a document that is perhaps not really ready and not verified as 100% accurate. Your reputation and image are at stake!