What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

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Our bilingual dietitians are the best source for translating your health and nutrition messages. Any translation agency can translate your message, but we are the experts in food, health, and nutrition communications. We have experience in all areas of dietetics, including clinical, retail, corporate, consulting, education, and food service. We know how to translate the science of nutrition and, most importantly, at a level the Hispanic and Latin American population will understand.

In addition, our experience in the retail and food industry, along with food and nutrition education, lends itself to provide a unique and specialized food and nutrition approach to help your brand reach Hispanic and Latin American consumers effectively.

We also are immersed in the Hispanic and Latin American culture and community. We know how best to deliver your brand’s health and nutrition message. To effectively reach this market, you need a health and nutrition message that is discretely targeted, translated accurately, and culturally sensitive.

We will work with you to grow your brand. Because of our experience and expertise, we offer recommendations on how best to adapt your content, if needed, to ensure your target market will understand appropriately. Let us translate your health and nutrition message to assure that it is scientifically accurate, grammatically correct, and appropriate for Hispanic and Latin American consumers.